TRACTR is a dynamic, New York-based jeanswear brand. The business was started in 1997 by two entrepreneurs, Howard Mensch and Diane Kuczer who met while both were working with HW Carter & Sons. The company was an old, work-wear brand that they re-positioned into a fashion, work-oriented brand, selling to Urban Outfitters and other fashion-forward stores throughout the country.

After a year with HW Carter, Diane and Howard realized that between them they had all the components needed to start their own fashion jeans business. Diane had the design background and Howard had sales, marketing and retail background. Tractor Brand Jeanswear was launched in January 1998 as a Juniors and Girls’ fashion jeans company. Specialty stores and boutiques throughout the country quickly snapped up their unique, well-fitted styles and their distribution grew into department stores such as Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Von Mauer and Neiman Marcus.