“Lesley Lewis Showroom” opened its’ doors in 1992, but it was being prepped many years before…and here’s the story…

Lesley Lewis started in retail at the young age of 16, where she worked at her parent’s boutique, and fell in love with the fashion industry. Fast forward a few years after graduating with a design degree, she became a corporate sales rep for Esprit and was later promoted to regional sales manager.  Here, she gained a wealth of knowledge in design, merchandising, marketing, and customer relations. With these skills and her entrepreneurial spirit, she established her showroom and has worked with numerous vendors in product development and brand pioneering, to provide the very best product selections for her boutique and department store customers.

Dallas Showroom images 1-8  and Atlanta Showroom Images 9-15

Robin McDonald started out in the Interior Design industry after graduating from OSU. She began her career managing, buying and merchandising for a wholesale furniture showroom in the WTC.  During this time, Lesley and Robin met at their daughter’s pre-school.  They spoke of their common interest, and Lesley offered Robin a part-time job at her showroom. Robin’s love for children’s apparel began while working apparel markets for Lesley. She was later offered a full time position managing a children’s boutique where her responsibilities included buying, merchandising and customer service. 

In August of 2015, the stars aligned and Lesley and Robin became partners in the Lesley Lewis Showroom. Together they are leveraging their successful backgrounds in the fashion industry, as well as, utilizing their strong friendship to make their dreams come true.

In August of 2016 Lesley and Robin expanded their Dallas showroom to add a Tween only space.  With this expansion they have been able to grow their business and add the vendors they needed to create a complete package.

In August of 2017 the expansion traveled to Atlanta and they opened their permanent showroom in the Americasmart.  They took with them most of their Dallas showroom brands and the look of their tween space in Dallas.  Lesley and Robin are thankful for the growth that has come their way and look forward to a successful future!

Our mission is to…….

Hand select brands that are high quality and on trend for their boutiques.  Our expertise enables us to give each store buying direction for their individual needs, as well as communicating to our vendors the needs of our stores. This is a hands on business from beginning to end for our customers and vendors.  Providing superior customer service is our mission!  The Lesley Lewis Showroom atmosphere is inviting and relaxing, so that your buying experience is productive and fun.  We hope to see you soon!