Oscar’s for Kids  

Oscar’s For Kids is a new brand for the young and stylish among us, providing cute and comfy little loafers for fashionable little feet. People always want to know how Oscar’s For Kids started, and the best person to answer that is our founder, Dea Manassen.  “Oscar’s For Kids came to life after my mother, who lives in Brazil, sent my toddler son a beautiful pair of red leather loafers which she had found during her travels overseas. Ever since, no matter where we were, lovely strangers would stop to admire his little red loafers. Once he grew out of them, I searched everywhere for another pair with absolutely no luck. It was then that I decided to create my own range of ‘mini me’ loafers, handmade from the finest suede, in beautiful styles and colours just for kids.

I named them ‘Oscar’s for Kids’ after my own little boy, Oscar.”